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A Conversation with Keith Bowen: From Chef to Chief Revenue Officer

Keith Bowen, Chief Revenue Officer of Altice USA, began his career as a chef at a Fire Island restaurant before traveling across the country to represent CNN sales in Los Angeles. He then returned to Turner’s New York team to launch sales for Cartoon Network. Today, after an important and life-altering role heading sales for Alfred Liggins’ TV One, Bowen leads a revenue team at Altice USA that is considered one of the industry’s best and most representative.

Keith shares insights that help simplify today’s complex media business and shares his unique perspectives and experiences in a compelling and timely Legends & Leaders conversation with Media Village’s Jack Myers. Speaking about diversity, Bowen notes, “You have to apply yourself. You have to make it a strategic priority and diversity has to be part of your culture, part of your DNA. There are no excuses, and we have to keep trying.”

Paraphrased from an article originally published on Media Village on 2/16/2021.

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