A Look Into Optimum Business & Suddenlink Business Services

How Optimum Business & Suddenlink Business Can Help Your Company Thrive

Creating, growing, and watching your small business thrive is one of the most rewarding achievements any person can accomplish, but the journey to success isn’t always easy. If you’re already a business owner, we probably don’t need to tell you just how complex and overwhelming it feels to kickstart and support a small business.

Your business’ growth requires your determination, hard work, and energy, but it also needs something else to succeed, something that you might not have yet considered to be crucial for your small business’ seamless growth: the best business Internet provider, the best business phone services, and the best digital tools to guide your company in the right direction. That’s where Suddenlink Business and Optimum Business come into the picture.

Our a4 Advertising blog is all about revealing the latest technology, sharing the hottest topics in the industry, and of course, offering you our experienced advice on what we believe can help you grow your business. That’s precisely why we felt the need to introduce you to both Optimum and Suddenlink.

These two companies are heavily focused on bringing seamless, successful technology solutions to small businesses just like you so you can expedite your productivity, work flexibly and successfully, and become more efficient than ever.

It’s our opinion that, you should be investing in the best business internet provider and the best business phone services in order to ensure that you’re growing at the rate you’re most capable of—whether you’re a business made up of just 1 person or comprised of over 100 dedicated workers.

Optimum Business & Suddenlink Business: Services That Can Build Your Business

You didn’t expect us to just drop that introduction on you and then walk away, did you? Our a4 Advertising blog is all about helping you grow your small business, which is why we’re using this blog to thoroughly explain why Internet, phone, mobile, TV, and managed services are an absolute must for your small business. Further, we’re going to dive into why Optimum and Suddenlink are more than just service providers, but rather friends and partners for small businesses just like you.

Managed Services

The term “managed services” might not seem like an outright necessity for your business; this is a fair point if you’re unfamiliar with what managed services are. That being said, we think once you have a better understanding of what type of comprehensive tools that go hand-in-hand with managed services, you’ll likely be far more interested in why we believe they’re so important.

Essentially, managed services typically mean having additional tools, resources, and help available to you so that you can focus on your business growth and leave the other worries to a reliable partner. Typically, this entails things like tools, marketing, IT support, and beyond. Managed services put the bulk of the technical responsibilities in the hands of professionals, leaving you with a hands-off, worry-free approach to your tech tools. This means you get the luxury of knowing that everything is running smoothly behind the scenes, leaving you with seamless connectivity that never slows you down.

At Optimum and Suddenlink, managed services are an absolute must for their partners—that’s why they offer a wide variety of managed services to help small businesses just like you. Here are just a few of the options they offer:

  • IT Service Plans
  • Device Protection
  • Business Premier Technical Support
  • Service Protection
  • Smart Wi-Fi


If you’re living in the 21st century and you’re reading this online blog, it’s highly likely that you’re pretty familiar with the Internet, so, we won’t go into a deep explanation here of what it is or why you need it for a successful small business—you can probably come up with a few thousand reasons why it’s so crucial.

But we will say this, your small business deserves better than just any old internet connection. If you truly want to grow your small business, you need to consider a few different factors and the difference they’ll make in your ability to optimize your business. For example, it’s important to consider elements like speed, security, capability, and flexibility. Both Optimum and Suddenlink check-off these massively important boxes.

Here are just a few of the features that Optimum and Suddenlink Internet can offer you:

  • The fastest Internet speeds (up to 1 GBPS!) that give your business the ultimate edge.
  • Built-in cyber-security to ensure peace of mind in an increasingly treacherous digital landscape.
  • DDoS security to help prevent attacks before they happen, prompt mitigation for quick action, and consistent insights via monthly reports to highlight the number of attacks stopped.
  • DNS Security, otherwise known as Domain Name System Security. This type of cyber-security prevents top Internet threats, ensures site validity, and optimize your ability to browse safely with an essential layer of network protection.
  • Wi-Fi that ensures you can always stay connected to your business—this includes over 2 million Wi-Fi hotspots!


Believe it or not, voice services (which you might refer to as phone services) are crucial nowadays—especially when it comes to business hosted voice options. Often called Voice over Internet Protocol (typically shortened to just VoIP), is hugely important in this day in age for a successful, seamless experience with small businesses. Traditional phone lines are no longer the premium choice for successful companies, instead, VoIP offers the scalability, the seamless connection, and the crucial, enhanced customer service companies aim for. Here are just a few of the VoIP benefits that both Optimum and Suddenlink offer:

  • Access to voice tools that work through your Internet connection
  • Set up call forwarding
  • Communicate from anywhere on the phone
  • Keep track of voicemail
  • Set up auto answering messages
  • Activate more lines to support increased call volume


It’s no secret that business is happening everywhere, all the time and in order to be successful, it’s crucial to keep up. Small business mobile services need to offer you a reliable connection with your entire company, your customers, and beyond. You need dependable devices that give you full functionality—this way, you can accomplish what needs to be done even when you’re not at the office. Both Optimum and Suddenlink offer mobile services that provide you with necessary-for-success features like:

  • Nationwide network with 5G access included
  • The latest phones, including 5G capable devices


Business TV may not seem like a necessity, but truthfully, optimized business TV packages can make an enormous impact on the success of your small business, especially with your customers and your employees. The right business TV package can showcase a higher level of customer service over your competitors, it’s a cost-effective and streamlined way to go the extra mile to keep people in the know, and it can also make for a far more enjoyable waiting experience should your customers have to deal with any delays.

With efficient business TV, you can offer entertaining and informative options for your customers and employees. Both Optimum and Suddenlink offer a wide variety of business TV options that could benefit your business, including:

  • Broadcasting Basics: for local and national news (50+ channels)
  • Business Choice: with popular news, kids, and lifestyle programs (70+ channels)
  • Business Value: business and kids’ channels, to news and sports (185+ channels)
  • Business Preferred: kids, up-to-date local, national, and global news, sports, lifestyle channels, and more (225+ channels)

Ready to Grow Your Business? Optimum Business & Suddenlink Business Can Help!

Altice (and the a4 Advertising blog) is dedicated to helping you find real, tangible solutions that can make an enormous impact on your business’ success: that’s why we believe Optimum Business and Suddenlink Business are both the perfect match for your small business’ needs.

If you’re ready to lean into growth, experience opportune productivity, and ensure your business is better than ever, we highly recommend checking out both Suddenlink and Optimum: there’s no time like the present to take another crucial step toward a thriving small business.

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