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What are Over-the-Top commercials?

Rapid rising streaming service viewership is among one of the major trends that is swiftly influencing the way we advertise today. With millions of people now using streaming services — a new medium known as OTT (over-the-top) advertising has emerged, allowing brands to reach their audiences directly within their living rooms. Over-the-top television commercials are ads that run on streaming media services, in full length television content, on any device, such as smart or connected TVs.

Our OTT Solution

Addressable OTT by a4 Advertising is the first and only addressable OTT ad product with national reach that is powered by authenticated household data. OTT is rapidly growing in subscribers and therefore inventory is also growing immensely for advertisers to take advantage of. Our delivery is optimized towards connected television sets, where 70% of all OTT consumptions takes place.

Benefits of OTT TV Commercials:

  • Cord-cutters? No problem! Our OTT solution spans multiple providers, device types, and publisher direct. OTT ads can access the consumers that are hardest to reach. OTT’s targeting capabilities enable brands to reach specific audiences that they could formerly reach via non-streaming platforms.
  • CTV advertising doesn’t work with cookies – our method, utilizing household data, does!
  • High video completion rate on OTT, since most inventory is non-skippable.
  • Our OTT solution is addressable to reduce waste.
  • Hundreds of partnerships with content providers and devices to ensure wide reach within our delivery.


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