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Break Through the Clutter
It’s estimated that the average person encounters up to 10,000 ads per day. We offer the perfect mobile solution in today’s heavily saturated online ecosystem.
AdMessenger is a fully customizable scrolling text ad for mobile phones and tablets.
Go Where Your Audience Goes.
AdMessenger runs on mobile web inventory and on over 15,000 apps!
Our powerful targeting technology gives businesses the power to reach their ideal audience. From audience data and geotargeting to weather triggering, reaching your precise audience has never been easier.
Build Your Ad in Minutes.
Our easy-to-use demo tool allows you to create new AdMessenger ads with a simple form fill and logo upload. The demo tool is intuitive and impossible to mess up.
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Want to Drive Even More Interaction?
Our tap-to-expand features allow users to tap to a video, image, carousel, or slider.
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Why Partner with AdMessenger?
Increased engagement, in-depth reporting, and world-class service are just some benefits of partnering with AdMessenger! Learn how advertisers have used AdMessenger to grow their business HERE.

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