Advertising Guidelines - a4 Advertising

Advertising Guidelines

Advertising may not contain any material that is misleading or inaccurate, that makes fraudulent or unfair competitive claims or that makes insufficiently supported claims or claims that distort the true meaning or practical application of statements made by the advertiser. In addition, advertising may not contain material that is patently offensive or that violates any applicable law, rule or regulation (e.g., those relating to libel, copyright, trademark, right of privacy, etc.) and must comply with community standards of decency and good taste.


All advertising must comply with applicable advertising standards:


  • adopted by any ad serving partner used to run the advertising campaign;
  • promulgated by applicable advertising industry associations and rulemaking agencies (e.g., Mobile Marketing Association’s Best Practices, CTIA’s Wireless Content Standards, FTC Guidelines, etc.); and/or
  • adopted by applicable industry associations for specific products and services, such as the advertising guidelines adopted by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States and the Child Advertising Review Unit.


In addition to the foregoing, advertising may not contain any material that falls into the following categories or that links to such material:


  • Anything that is obscene or indecent or that contains profanity or strong sexual, explicit or erotic themes; or
  • Products or sites that suggest the availability of prostitution or escort services; or
  • Products or sites that advocate, glorify or promote excessive violence, rape, torture, cannibalism, suffering, or death; or
  • Individuals seeking to adopt children or who offer children for adoption; or
  • Products that descramble cable or satellite signals in order to get free services or that promote software or techniques that bypass copyright protections; or
  • Counterfeit, fake, or bootleg products or replicas or imitations of designer products; or
  • Promotes nudity, nude beaches, or naked cruises or resorts; or
  • Products or sites that appear to facilitate or promote the evasion of laws (e.g., radar detectors); or
  • Products made from endangered species; or
  • Products or sites that offer fake identification or falsified documentation; or
  • Promotes the sale of firearms or ammunition by mail order or at gun shows; or
  • Products or sites that have online gambling as a central theme (except that advertising promoting online gambling exhibited in a state where such activity is legal is permissible); or
  • Promotes illegal wagering on horse racing or sporting events; or
  • Hunting trips that guarantee animals will be available for kill; or
  • Organ transplant services; or
  • Products or sites that guarantee credit repair or credit cards; or
  • Products or sites of questionable legality (e.g., miracle cures, etc.) or multilevel marketing schemes; or
  • Defamatory, libelous, or threatening sites; or
  • Depicts, promotes or is designed to facilitate alcohol abuse, illegal drug use, or use of tobacco products (except that advertising promoting medical marijuana/cannabis exhibited in a state where such products are legal may be permissible but are subject to Altice’s prior written consent in each instance); or
  • Hate speech or anything that misrepresents, ridicules, or attacks an individual or group on the basis of age, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or handicaps.Any campaigns that fall into “grey areas” not fully prohibited based upon the bulleted descriptions above, but which include sensitive, content, such as references to race, religion, alcohol, politics, advocacy, sex, firearms, other types of weapons and other potentially objectionable or controversial content, must be preapproved by Altice.

Further, no advertising can (i) disparage Altice, its affiliates or their respective products, services and brands, or (ii) promote the products and services of any competitor of Altice or its affiliates, except with Altice’s express consent.


In advance of placing on Altice’s platforms any advertising that falls into a grey area, Altice must be notified, and Altice will accept or reject any such advertising within a reasonable time. Altice will decide, in its sole discretion, whether any advertising complies with these Advertising Guidelines. Altice may change these Advertising Guidelines at any time upon prior written notice, which may include posting on Altice’s website and/or those of its applicable affiliates.