Just when we’re getting used to sleeping in and enjoying vacation, August creeps in, and it’s time to prepare for the start of a new school year! As much as we wish the magic of summer could last forever, retailers are already in the heat of back-to-school season — and your business should be too.

When It Starts

The back-to-school shopping period takes place from mid-July through Labor Day in the U.S. — meaning now is the time to reach your target audience and ramp up your advertising strategy. According to a press release from Mastercard, back-to-school retail sales in the U.S. are estimated to increase by 7.5% compared to the 2021 season — making this a massive season for retailers and a great time to boost revenue ahead of the holidays and end of the year.

What (and Where) Shoppers Are Buying

With the effects of COVID-19 lifting, in-person retail shopping is expected to increase by 8.2% this season. But that doesn’t mean you should count online retailers out. The convenience of purchasing online isn’t going away, and e-commerce sales are expected to increase by 4.3%.

While electronics and apparel are the top grossing products for back-to-school, according to SalesFuel, consumers also plan to purchase items like smartphones, cosmetic and skin care products, laptops and desktops, and jewelry.

If you run a service-based business or even something outside the realm of back-to-school retail, consider running a back-to-school promotion. Offering affordable services or supplies is a great way to bring in customers who may be under financial strain as they prepare for the new school year. Extending this type of offer to students, parents of students, and beyond could last well into the first part of the school year, as well.

Where to Advertise

We know a multi-screen campaign is most successful, and a4 can place you in front of the right audience no matter where they are watching.

Our linear solutions can place you in popular programming, hitting huge audiences. We can help you plan and strategize to create a linear schedule that targets parents of school-aged kids and college-aged audiences. August through October are great months for TV with fall season premieres and several sports seasons kicking off and drawing huge young audiences.

Think you’re too late to launch a new campaign for the back-to-school season? Think again. With our quick-launch AdMessenger mobile solution, we can quickly launch your message to target back-to-school audiences with no production lag time. Our scrolling text ad can click directly to your website or online store for convenient shopping.

Online video and display ads are also a great way to add a visual element to attract potential clients. With abundant inventory across the web, digital display and video ads are an excellent way for advertisers to extend reach without overextending their budget.

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