With a4, data onboarding takes minutes, not days or weeks

Getting media campaigns up and running is a challenge. Onboarding your own data, or data you have acquired, shouldn’t be among those roadblocks. And with a4, it isn’t.

We have one of the fastest data onboarding solutions in the industry, with an average time of 5 minutes. Compare that to the typical onboarding times of 2 days to 2 weeks of most of competitors and the advantage is clear.

Whether you’re using our self-service tools, or elect to have us onboard your data with you, together we can turn your list of prospects or customer files around rapidly so you get faster and better targeting of the households you want to reach, and can have your campaign live in lightning fast time. – All at no additional cost you.

Our unique data sets also allow you to precisely coordinate both your tv and digital campaigns.

We think we’ve revolutionized the way data onboarding will be thought about in the not-so-different future… and in a4’s case, the present!

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