Whether it’s a state, district, or county campaign, it’s imperative to ensure that you’re reaching your total footprint when it comes to political campaigns.

As the midterms quickly approach, limited inventory has permeated the OTT and CTV environments, and the demand will only continue to arise as engagement continues to expand for streaming. Through an exclusive partnership between a4 and LG Ads, political advertisers have a unique opportunity to access even more OTT and CTV inventory.

In a recent conversation with C&E, Sten McGuire, Vice President of Sales for Political & Public Affairs at a4 Advertising, discussed this exclusive partnership and the advantages to campaigns and candidates in 2022.

“CTV and OTT have shifted from a compliment to a linear buy to a must-have for any political campaign,” McGuire explained. “While purchasing advertising through network partner apps is one way to reach voters in the fragmented streaming environment, running campaigns at the device level has become intriguing to buyers.”

Through access to premium inventory on linear-like LG Channels to a long list of exclusive agreements with network app partners, political campaigns can extend their direct campaign reach by an additional 30 million addressable smart TVs and access 250 million targetable devices.

By working directly with TV OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) like LG, a4 can directly provide insights at the impression level through the device. In addition, by tracking exposures through ACR data, audiences’ devices can be retargeted as they engage with different apps and content throughout the day.

“We know that Fox News or CNN viewers watch other things outside of these networks,” says McGuire. “This allows campaigns to reach them outside of their respective cable news or local news echo chambers.”

By utilizing these actionable insights to inform targeting tactics, fragmentation and audience inconsistencies are no longer an issue. In addition, a4 has a data onboarding process that washes PII (personally identifiable information) data across several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide one of the highest match rates in the industry. This can help provide a singular, consistent audience across the CTV ecosystem within the 30 million LG TV households and 250 million targetable devices.

You can listen to the full interview above to learn how this new unique access to inventory through this partnership can help you have deeper and more meaningful conversations with voters throughout your campaign.

Paraphrased from an article published on Campaigns & Elections

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