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As this year’s election quickly approaches, a4 Advertising makes it easier than ever to organize, inform, & mobilize potential voters to get out and vote.​ We’d love to tell you more about these game-changing products and how they can help you create a significant impact!

High Impact Takeovers

Own the living room experience and surround the connected household. This high-frequency strategy allows brands to virtually own households with a 3 or 6-hour cross-screen takeover. Video and display ads run across LG devices, reaching live tv viewers using real-time, deterministic activation.

  • CTV Video: Linear-like video ads on LG TV households across LG Channels, premium networks, and streaming app.
  • Native Display: Native ads run across the LG user interface and are fixed until the screen is interacted with by the viewer​.
  • Cross-Screen: Video & display ads run across LG devices using real-time, deterministic activation allowing brands to own the household.

*Placements subject to availability and are sold on a first come first serve basis.


Own the living room experience with LG Home Screen ROADBLOCKS. Employ this powerful tactic around key dates or events and own all the ad units with a 6, 12, or 24-hour roadblock.

  • 100% SOV against ALL IMPRESSIONS for 12- or 24-hours​.
  • 100% SOV against TARGET AUDIENCE for 12- or 24-hours.
  • Cross-Screen a 3- or 6-hour Takeovers targeting “LIVE TV VIEWERS”.


AdMessenger by a4


Introducing AdMessenger – our fully customizable scrolling text display ad for mobile voter mobilization. Provide potential voters with all the information they need to make educated decisions and cast their vote on election day. ​

  • Ensure your message is noticed with a higher click-through rate than standard banners​.
  • Customize your ad message, audience, or ad parameters – anytime for quick mobilization of potential voters​.
  • Expandable options to incorporate video into the ad for even more engagement.
  • Audience targeting: political party affiliation, prior voting habits, political party, location, CRM list matching, 1st & 3rd party data.


  • CALENDAR: Reminder of an event or deadline​.
  • REGISTER: Tap to state voter registration site​.
  • MAP: Location of rally or polling site finder.​
  • VIDEO: Play candidate/issue ads.​
  • SIGN UPS: Volunteer or donate to the campaign.


The easiest and the most effective tool to engage with your audience on mobile. See the demo.

a4 Advertising is your turnkey solution for ​voter mobilization in 2022​!
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