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The Optimum brand by Altice USA has a vast footprint spanning the New York tri-state area. Advertising on Optimum cable TV is available exclusively through a4 Advertising and offers:

  • Addressable Targeting: Put your ad on the biggest screen in the home, in the homes that matter most to you.
  • Exclusive Data Capabilities and Proprietary Technology: Place your ads in the Optimum cable households that matter the most to your brand.
  • Optimized Smart Campaigns: Pinpoint the networks where your target audience is most likely to watch based on viewership data from Optimum set-top boxes.
  • No Panel-Based Data and No Guesswork: Smart TV schedules for smart advertisers.
  • Custom Campaigns: Whether you want to advertise in the big game, a live event, or in top rated programming, we have you covered.

We offer advertising across some of the most-watched networks, top tier sports networks, and all the highest-rated prime programming! Advertise on up to 100 of the most-watched networks.

We offer advertising in the highest-rated sports, comedies, dramas, news programs, reality shows, and movies.

Engage large audiences through advertising in premier live sporting events and special programming.

Learn more about Optimum at optimum.com

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