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In the advertising world, you’re constantly hearing about what companies can do. In full transparency, there are a lot of us. Many of us even offer similar capabilities. So how do you know who to partner with and trust with your business? The answer lies in how your ad partner will get your business meaningful results. How are they utilizing data, technology, and products to propel your business to scale? What sets them apart? What sets a4 apart?

In this article we will discuss HOW we do what we do. From first-party data to proprietary products, read on to learn how our large-scale capabilities help your business scale.

MVP When it Comes to MVPD
A successful ad campaign is all about reaching audiences across all screens. Did you know 56% of US adults still watch cable or satellite TV? This is a huge audience. So how can you successfully reach all audiences without having access to all platforms to reach them? Enter MVPDs. MVPDs, or multichannel video programming distributors, are service providers that deliver multiple television channels to their customers or subscribers. As a part of Altice USA, one of the most well-known service providers in the U.S., a4 has direct access to huge networks like ESPN, Discovery, news channels, and more.

We also go big when it comes to first-party data. First-party data is information collected from your customer base. In our case, it’s our direct access to Optimum subscribers. This is huge when it comes to reaching your audience. We know when people watch and what they watch. With that data, we can provide any client with the right media plan to reach their target audience.

Our OTT Scale
For the first time, streaming usage surpassed cable TV in July 2022, with a 34.8% share of television consumption through streaming services like Netflix, or other platforms (compared to cable’s 34.4% share). In 2023, streaming platforms more than doubled the base of traditional cable TV.

OTT platforms have a global presence and can reach a vast number of viewers both domestically and worldwide. Their availability on various devices, including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and streaming media players, allows users to access content anytime and anywhere. This broad reach increases the potential audience advertisers can target and gives advertisers unprecedented scale.

When it comes to OTT, a4’s coverage extends across Optimum markets with 80 MM Authenticated HH. Our exclusive partnerships allow us to deliver your message to all devices associated with the home.

Our best-in-class targeting capabilities allow us to reach audiences incrementally through a powerful mix of cable tv and OTT, allowing us to eliminate media waste and reach only the customers you are looking for.

Small Screens, Big Scale
Today, over 307 million people in the US own a smartphone, with the average person spending 4 hours and 23 minutes on their cell phone per day.* From morning to night, our cell phones stay closer to us than most anything else. From the alarm we wake up to each morning until we plug them back in to charge overnight, mobile devices play an enormous part in our daily lives.

For business owners, there is a real opportunity to apply a mobile marketing strategy to their advertising plans as smartphones provide a level of connectivity to customers unlike anything else.

AdMessenger by a4 is a fully-customizable scrolling text ad for mobile phones and tablets. This simple, mobile solution has helped thousands of clients achieve a connection to their customers on a local, regional, and national scale. Every campaign is unique, but the results are the same: driving web traffic, bringing awareness to a targeted audience, or encouraging location visits with a customizable call to action, all on a device they can’t live without.

* SOURCE: Statista, number of smartphone users in the U.S.

We Know News
We provide unique programming and inventory opportunities through our owned news networks: News 12, & News 12+, and Cheddar.

News 12 is the leader in hyperlocal news, weather, traffic, politics, investigative reports, and more. News 12 delivers 24/7 award-winning coverage across seven individual local news channels, five News 12+ traffic and weather channels, news12.com, and its mobile app. We even have access to exclusive programming like Cheddar’s beWell and Crime Files on News 12.

a4 can help you to scale your presence across the tri-state area. News 12 Networks is available to customers in Optimum, Comcast, Service Electric, and Verizon FIOS homes.

We Are Your People
When you partner with a4, you gain access to tools, resources, placements, and people. Our advertising professionals use industry research, market insights, and sophisticated analytics to guide you along your advertising journey. Together, we’ll optimize your placements on TV, OTT, online video, and mobile advertising throughout the duration of your campaign, ensuring the best possible results. Reach out today to find out how a4 can help you to scale your business.

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