Athena for Political by a4 - campaign planning, onboarding, execution tool

We believe in screen-agnostic audience targeting.

We help our clients target voters across all four screens: TV, computer, tablet, mobile. Using our authoritative data and digital targeting platform, we enable messaging at home and away, putting the right ad on the right device in front of the right person at the right time.

    Our managed service platform offers you the ability to audience target, and:

    1. Reach anywhere in the country by selecting any political boundary, zip, county, state, or DMA
    2. Upload a custom list and match data at no cost
    3. Match via cookie and ISP authenticated IP match processes, resulting in superior match rates and match fidelity
    4. Protect your investment with viewability and fraud prevention tools
    5. Launch your digital campaign within a day
    6. Monitor performance with a 24/7 dashboard

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