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Multicultural Audiences

Multicultural Audiences are a major force within the U.S. economy and they only continue to grow

At a4 Advertising, the household is the convergence point for identifying key attributes beyond just ethnicity. The language spoken in the household, country of origin, and other audience targeting segments provide the most accurate, efficient, and effective way to reach your relevant consumers.

Our access to authentic data from subscriber addresses means our data is the most high-quality and accurate data possible. Our direct, exclusive partnerships enable a4 Advertising to uniquely reach audiences and customers across screens. We are the source.


  • There are 133,211,770 multicultural Americans in the US today accounting for 37.5% of the population*.
  • 2020 marks the first time that the 18 and under segment will be a multicultural majority.
  • By 2044 Minorities will be the new majority.
  • Minority Markets have $3.9 Trillion in buying power.


*Source: US Census Data

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