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Over-the-Top Television (OTT)

Commercials on streaming TV

Our Addressable OTT solution is the first and only addressable OTT ad product with national reach that is powered by authenticated household data. OTT is rapidly growing in subscribers, and therefore inventory is also growing tremendously for advertisers to take advantage of.

The benefits of OTT Advertising with a4:


  • Cord-cutters? Cord-nevers? No problem. Our OTT solution spans multiple providers, device types, and publishers directly.
  • CTV advertising doesn’t work with cookies – our method, utilizing household data, does!
  • High video completion rate on OTT, since most inventory is non-skippable.
  • Our delivery is optimized toward connected television sets, where 70% of all OTT consumption takes place.
  • Our OTT solution is addressable, resulting in reduced waste.
  • We have hundreds of partnerships with content providers and devices to ensure broad reach within our delivery.
  • Our Contextual OTT targeting delivers your advertising message across every screen within these genres: sports, entertainment, news, lifestyle, tech & business, or Spanish language content.



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