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Political Advertising

Target your voters across all four screens: TV, computer, tablet, mobile

a4 Advertising’s Political Team is named the 2021 FAXIES Sales Team of the Year!

We believe in screen-agnostic audience targeting. Using our authoritative data and digital targeting platform, we enable messaging at home and away, putting the right ad on the right device in front of the right person at the right time.

  • Audience Targeting: we offer targeted messaging over digital and TV.
  • Cookie & IP Targeting: we deliver data-driven advertising using authenticated addressable IP targeting. We directly match the target’s physical address to that household’s IP address, providing an unprecedented level of accuracy. We extend the reach with cookies, allowing for home and away targeting.
  • Audience Segments: in addition to the National Online Voter File®, we regularly access tens of thousands of third-party data points. We also develop our own data sets.
  • Geofencing: leveraging data from location-enabled apps over 1B mobile devices, we target and retarget consumers based on the current location, location history, offline purchase data, devices, and content.
  • Viewability & Fraud Prevention: our first line of fraud defense is our targeting method. We use first-party offline data matched on a one-to-one basis with online IDs, and naturally, weed out bot traffic. The validity of your ad impressions and your brand safety is our ultimate concern.


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