At a4 Advertising we believe in collaboration and taking a consultative approach with each client. We help National Advertisers, Brands, and their Agencies gain incremental reach and minimize waste. Our proprietary data-first solution combines the efficient reach of Linear TV with the addressable targeting of OTT/CTV.  


For one such client, an Online Education Brand, we launched a test campaign with the goal of increasing awareness across new audiences. Utilizing our proprietary approach and best-in-class data we developed a strategic plan with impressive results – an OTT incremental reach growth of 11% in just 6 weeks.  The results were so strong that this campaign case study also earned us a spot in the VAB’s 2021 Proven Strategies & Tactics in Audience-Based TV Buying Report.

Pleased with the results, the business was renewed for multiple subsequent quarters. We applied the learnings from the initial campaign to future executions and continued to collaborate and optimize the campaign with strong results.   

Initial test campaign success led to a better understanding of client’s Linear audience and where they consume the content. That lead us to change in networks and dayparts. From there, we shifted to constant in-flight optimization, supplementation of Linear TV with OTT/CTV plan, a focus on unexposed homes to enhancing campaign efficiency. The result a cumulative campaign Reach (both Linear and OTT) that steadily increased each quarter — Q4 2020: 31.4%, Q1 2021: 33.2%, Q2: 39.2%.  That’s an additional 7.8% lift! 


The best news is the client’s OTT campaign exhibited higher reach and stronger growth. And most importantly, reach gained through OTT was unique, guaranteeing that client’s budget was utilized effectively which ensured that we drive as much REACH as possible. 86% of OTT impressions were served to households not exposed to the Linear campaign. 


For more in-depth details and results, see the Case Study HERE.


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