Three Ways You Can Reach an Audience on Mobile
Mobile Strategy from a4 Experts
Mobile advertising is an important component of any advertising strategy, but how can you make it work best for your brand? After all, an ad campaign is only as good as the audience it reaches. Whether you’re new to mobile advertising or running mobile ads and looking to elevate your results — we’re here to break it down for you.
The following article will discuss why mobile advertising is essential in an ad strategy and ways businesses can effectively reach their audience to get the most out of their mobile advertising.
Why Mobile
If you do a quick search of multiscreen advertising, you will likely see recommendations for mobile advertising. From accessibility — 85% of Americans own a smartphone — to cost, mobile ads greatly benefit any marketing campaign. “We spend four to six hours daily on our phones,” says a4 Partner Program Manager Matt Moulton. “Putting a message on someone’s phone is reaching them where they spend the most time.” Most importantly, mobile advertising gives advertisers unique opportunities to target the right audience.
1. Location Targeting
Did you know 83% of marketers find their campaigns are more successful when they use location data? Geotargeting is the core targeting layer of the majority of all campaigns. When geotargeting an audience, advertisers can ensure they reach users relative to their location. For example, a car dealer may target those within 10 miles of their lot.
Take it a step further and reach your audience with a geofence. Geofencing gives your mobile campaign the power to reach users at a specific address in real time. This could be reaching customers while they’re at a competitor’s location or geofencing an event while users are attending. You can even choose to remarket to them after the event.
2. Demographics
Research shows that targeted advertising can be two times as effective as ads that are not. When your audience is clearly defined you can tailor your message for the most effective advertising strategy. Enter demographics. Demographic data can help your business understand the characteristics of the people who buy your product or service. “When it comes to reaching your audience, things like household income, age, and gender are really going to make you most successful,” says Moulton. By tailoring your advertising message to the interests and values of a particular demographic, your business can increase its chances of reaching its intended audience and generating a positive response or action.
3. Contextual Targeting
Contextual targeting allows advertisers to show their ads to users who are more likely to be interested in their products or services. This targeting method takes into account the context of the user’s online behavior to deliver ads that are relevant and timely. For example, a dog trainer may use mobile ads to reach pet lovers. As part of their campaign, they deliver an offer to consumers when they are searching for pet-related content on relevant websites. With contextual targeting, advertisers can increase the relevance of their messaging, improve click-through rates, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates.
See Success with Mobile Ads
Ready to elevate your mobile strategy? a4 has multiple options to reach your audience on mobile. From our owned and operated media products like AdMessenger and mobile ads on the ever popular Rate My Professors to display, video, and social campaigns, we make it simple to stand out and reach your audience on mobile. “Separate yourself from what everyone else is doing in a saturated market,” says Moulton. “Mobile advertising is cost-effective and allows you to reach the audience you actually want to see your ads.” Ready to get started? Contact us today!
This article was written by Hannan Allen.

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