a4 Advertising’s VP of Advanced TV, Hasan Rahim, along with co-panelist Steve Reynolds, President, Imagine Communications, examined the topic of emerging converged-selling strategies and best practices and identified the new technologies and solutions that enable them at the 18th annual TV of Tomorrow Show from InteractiveTV Today (ITVT).

One notable takeaway is the importance of addressability.  Hasan shares:  

“Addressability is a key component of an overarching media campaign and a very important part of the tactical workflow. The reason for that is measurement, which is the one thing that has been missing, especially compared to digital. By having an addressable complement to an overarching campaign that includes linear in a more traditional contextual manner along with streaming, etc., it will help reach the goal of delivering the target audience in the most effective way. 

What we found at a4 Advertising is that the amount of activity we’re getting from an addressable perspective has only been growing, much more so than in previous years. The reason is because everyone is beginning to coalesce around commonalities. This allows for more integrated measurement and analytics, and in turn, becomes a feedback loop which has been what’s missing in television.” 


Want to learn more about the emerging strategies, best practices, and new strategies? 

Watch a replay of the (50 minute) EVENT HERE


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