What’s Your Mobile Strategy?

It’s no secret we’re all addicted to our phones. On average, Americans check their phones 344 times per day (that’s once every four minutes!) We’re on them constantly, and spikes in usage over the years are not limited to any age group or generation. We’re packing computers in our pockets, and our eyeballs are glued to them every day. For many, it’s our primary source of news, entertainment, information, and much more. If your business lacks a mobile strategy, you miss out on a huge opportunity to reach a highly-engaged audience. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered and quick. 

AdMessenger by a4 Advertising is a fully-customizable ticker-style text ad on mobile and tablets. Each AdMessenger ad is unique – you pick the color scheme, choose your logo or relevant image, and a 160-character message to deliver to prospective customers. Our demo tool allows an ad to be created from scratch in just moments, and you can see exactly what it will look like in the wild before it goes live. You can even select a tap action beyond delivering the viewer to a website – think social, calendar, map, or even a phone call. 

AdMessenger even has enhancements like the utilization of emojis, animated logos, and our very popular expandable ads called tap-to-expand (TTE). TTE expands to take over the device screen with video or display elements and includes up to four secondary buttons that will send the viewer wherever you’d like them to be – your site, social, or another smartphone function that makes the most sense for your business. Maybe you want store visits? Direct those who tap to directions to your location. (By the way, we can also track those visits for you.) 

Using AdMessenger as part of your mobile strategy is smart, simple, and very effective. Performance is king, and AdMessenger packs a mean punch. It’s hard to ignore a scrolling ticker ad at the bottom of your phone screen and even harder to ignore click-through rates that are five times more than a traditional display campaign. 

What could five times more interaction with your mobile ads do for your business? We’re guessing a lot based on our current advertisers’ happiness with their campaigns. (And yes, we have plenty of case studies if you’re into that kind of thing.) 

Not only is AdMessenger quick and straightforward to assemble and get started, but there are also zero upfront costs with creating an ad. There is no production company to pay or wait time while they design your ads – it’s instant and free. Use our demo tool anytime to mock up your ads. Once they’re ready, we can get them started quickly and seamlessly. Not into creating your own ads? Not a problem; we’ll create them for you and show you a demo. 

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